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Web television is the television used through web TV platform, whose technology that underlies it is streaming.
web television

Web television is the television used through web TV platform, whose underlying technology is streaming (in telecommunications identifies a stream of audio/video data transmitted from a source to one or more destinations via a telematics network) Thanks to this type of service and the worldwide network, broadcasters are reachable all over the world. The creation of web TV that can only be used via the Internet consists of a real TV, with its own programming, which therefore is beyond the mere repetition of programming over the ether or satellite. In these cases the predominant means is the PC, with the possibility of creating a personalized schedule, eliminating the dead time, reproducing without boundaries the desired audiovisual contribution, increasing the interactivity of the programs with the viewer-user. The main advantage is that you can take advantage of a very broad, geographical basis, of an interconnection that extends to the whole globe, with no limit on the number of channels.
Web TV continues to be hugely successful and is increasingly becoming a common feature of websites and blogs, as we move into the age of Internet TV, it’s always easier for ordinary people to stream their video shows on TV streaming around the world. The s on-demand video is evolving, would you like to have a personal internet TV? Contact us to learn more about Web Television!

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