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In the era of the web 2.0, monitoring and managing communication that takes place on the internet is now an essential priority. The site statistics service helps companies to verify user visits with respect to a variety of aspects, such as the launch of a new product or the effectiveness of a communication campaign. With site statistics services, we allow our customers to understand the entire internet universe, understood as media, sales channel, advertising planning tool, one-to-one contact tool with the customer, in order to make decisions aware of their digital marketing strategies. We provide site owners with the analysis of web views data in real-time, in order to highlight trends in website visits, verify the origin of visits, analyze each individual visit in detail (the sections and pages visited). All valuable information to optimize the content of the site and possibly improve business opportunities. We offer you a professional site statistics service to be able to record user visits. Through the website counters, it is possible to monitor access to your website, which can be defined as an Internet audience analysis tool.

The online statistics service offers:

  • reports of daily, weekly, monthly and annual visits in real-time, as an alternative to the use of complex log files (after activating the statistics, the results are immediately available);
  • customization of graphs and reports based on the needs and objectives set;
  • checking the number of pages and the number of visitors to the website for each hour, day, week and month;
  • verification of the number of new visitors;
  • visitor origin analysis: it is possible to check which engines and which search keys produce a greater amount of traffic to the website;
  • verification of the most visited pages;
  • verification of the detailed report of the website, including the browser used, the type of operating system, the nationality of origin and the language spoken.

Corporate functions that use information and website statistics services include top management and marketing directors, product development managers, sales managers, trade relations managers, purchasing and category management managers. Thanks to these website visits and counter analysis services, it is possible to evaluate and understand the reasons for the success or possible failure of a marketing campaign and it is possible to deal with specific future marketing opportunities (such as the creation of promotions, consumer targeting and marketing mix optimization).

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