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Realization of static website

A static site means a website consisting of a defined number of non-flexible pages, whose content and information cannot be changed by the customer. They are generally economic solutions, suitable for those who want to be present on the internet while maintaining low management costs. A static website does not mean devoid of animations, but refers to simple hypertext pages, containing text and images, linked to each other by buttons and navigation links. They are products essentially designed to generate presentation pages, online brochures or personal pages. The creation of a static website means not exploiting or using the management technology of databases or web languages. The static site is generally characterized by attractive graphics and its strengths consist in ease of consultation, immediate impact and simplicity. Static websites were the first type of websites since they are relatively simple to create and the webmaster has to worry only about creating the pages that make up the site. All those activities with large quantities of content or products that need frequent updates (new offers, packages, products, news, documentation, image galleries, etc.) need a dynamic site. The latter has a higher cost in the construction phase (given by the presence of the database and the CMS) which, however, is amortized in a very short time by the absence of updating costs, since the updates are made by the customer himself.

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