Would you like to create a virtual community or business community for your business?
We can give you direct/concrete help in the creation of online communities.

Virtual communities or web-communities represent on a social level the “connective tissue” of telematic networks, they are social aggregations that emerge from the Net when a sufficient number of people engage in public discussions for long enough. Virtual consumer communities aggregate individuals sharing the same interests, oriented to socialize their respective experiences, building a common background. The virtual community transversely gathers people with similar interests, allowing isolated individuals to get in touch with other people, developing forms of online social strings with impressive speed, regardless of geographical distances or age gaps. The creation of online communities is a project aimed at creating a dense network of exchange between people who have a common interest. The exchange of ideas and information can take place by leaving messages on forums, or by participating in newsgroups (discussion groups), or through the use of instant messaging programs or through chat rooms, etc. Creating a successful business community can allow a company to promote itself, attract new potential customers and retain existing customers. A web community is a tool that helps the company to organize a strategic promotion on the web, in fact, it is an excellent propagation vehicle for the launch of a new brand or a new product.

A virtual community is a resource to draw from to create and manage new business opportunities. Through the web-community creation, the company has the opportunity to interact with potential customers in a personalized way, has the opportunity to better understand the needs of its customers and, above all, has the ability to strengthen and nurture the relationship that is established with the “customer-user” in order to be able to further retain him.
A close relationship between customer and seller, based on a relationship of trust, will allow greater identification between community members towards a specific product and, consequently, with the company brand. The more the awareness of being part of a group of individuals who share the same interests, who have the same consumption habits, who belong to the same “community” grows, the more the relationship with the brand grows and strengthens. The members of a community play a fundamental role: they are active interlocutors in the construction of a brand, for this reason, they become sources of information of great interest for companies. The company, through virtual communities, perceives the needs of potential customers, the needs and requirements, new trends: valuable information when creating a new product. We at Insight Agency can help you emerge in the difficult web market: the creation of a business community can be very profitable! Thanks to us, you will be able to control and manage a new successful business community on the web, which will allow all interested users to register, interact with each other with tools such as forums and chats, and stay updated on industry events quickly and easily.

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