Google AdWords to optimize the positioning of your website

The Google Adwords tool is used to improve and integrate the organic positioning of websites. Google Adwords allows you to:

  • Get the top positions in sponsored search results across the Google network in no time;
  • Pay only for those who click the ad and enter your site – Pay per Click (a few cents per entry). You will not pay anything for the publications and views of your advertisement;
  • Achieve specific objectives: direct sales, branding or increase in qualified traffic, with the appropriate strategies;
  • Being contact only by those who are looking for the products you offer. Customers will be looking for you and not the other way around;
  • Optimize each communication campaign, minimizing the waste of resources and maximizing the return on investment, avoiding targets of unwanted people;
  • Define a daily budget, without the need to constantly monitor your spending;
  • To be able to consult reports with significant statistical data such as most visited pages of the site, most requested products, user location, time spent on the site and market research;

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