Video Marketing and Video Advertising

The most effective solution to “talk” to your target audience is a video-capable of communicating effectively. This form of online communication allows you to transmit values ​​and content in a simple and direct way, attracting the attention of your users and thus achieving your goals! The power of the video lies in the evocative power of the images, which are able to emotionally involve the viewer by activating an immediate understanding of the message. A few minutes of video are enough to immediately centre the values ​​and services of your business. Video marketing is used to make your business known: through videos you can create reviews of products or services, provide various information related to the service or product you want to make known. Video advertising (advertising through online video) is the new frontier of online advertising, which offers significant opportunities for the future: a way to reach a wide audience and at the same time, through video marketing, transmit seductive content.

The potential of video marketing is consistent both in expanding the audience of the media and indirectly influencing consumer behaviour. A picture is worth a thousand words, whether it is a small business or a large company, it is important to create a video that summarizes your values ​​or advertises your products/services. An online video allows you to implement more effective communication on the web, which can be shared by many users not immediately reached by the communication itself, thanks to the viral mechanism of spontaneous sharing of the video on the network. Videos are also important if used correctly during internal company conventions, trade shows, sector events or simply to enrich your product brochures with CDs. We at Insight Agency offer a specific consulting service to identify the best online video marketing strategies, to let you use the innovative video format to communicate online and to make your online communication innovative and accordingly/up to date.

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